Police Your Commit Messages

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How it works

1) Link your repository

GitCop works via a webhook from your GitHub repository - setup is fast and easy it only requires your repository name

2) Set your commit rules

You can set a variety of rules that reflect the requirements of your project - maximum length, subject format, and many others

3) That's it

Any time a pull request is opened for your repository GitCop will leave a comment on the pull request if it doesn't match your rules

Why should I use GitCop?

Free for open source projects

GitCop will not charge for open source projects. Good commit messages benefit the entire open source community

Commit messages are important

Commit messages are one of the best forms of documentation for your project. Standard formatting allows autogeneration of a changelog

Automated assistance

Maintaining hundreds of pull requests on a project can be a time consuming process. Having a check before you get there can save you hours